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~ Excerpt from the best-selling book, "Oh,Those Holiday Lights!"

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At that time of the year when the weather turns cold

And the trees lose their leaves, there's a story we're told

How the people of Greenville one dark winter night

Lost the warm happy glow of their holiday lights....

But the children of Greenville, with eyes glowing bright

Turned their hearts and their hopes to soon making things right.

They all gathered at night in the cold winter air

And set out to find Roper...

  • Poetry for and about children
  • Promoting inter-generational reading
  • Images, rhymes, and rhythms that delight!

What began as a story told to his grandsons about the beginning of Greenville, S.C.'s annual Roper Mountain Holiday Lights display developed into a passion not just about Roper the Ogre, but a desire to engage children of all ages in the joy of poetry. An English literature major, Fred spent his career as an educator, retiring as the CEO of the University Center of Greenville in 2013.

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