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Tabby Cat  (c)

​I have a little Tabby Cat

Who likes computer screens.

She sits all day and watches one -

I wondered what it means

To see the images go by -

They're scrolling round and round -

She sits above the screen you see

And watches upside down.

I also wondered what she'd learned

By looking through her paws,

But all she would respond to me

Sounds something just like "maw"s.

So I got up from where I sat

To look from upside down,

 And "mew" was "maw"  -

       I should have known -

She's learned a lot I found.

I got her glasses she can wear.

They have a special lens.

Now when she watches images

They're right side up again. 

So if you meet my Tabby who

Wears glasses and a frown,

You'll understand its just her smile -

She sees it upside down.


From "Poems for Bedtime or Anytime" Coming Soon

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