Fred Baus Books and Poems


We talked about the fun I had

While sailing far and near.

She said she was so proud of me

For sailing without fear.

To be a "sailing child" at night,

She said, would make me tired.

So I should close my eyes for real

And be a "sleeping child."

Although I closed my eyes for real,

I won't forget my dreams,

The fun I had while sailing boats

On rivers, lakes and streams. 

I captain many sailing boats

On rivers, lakes and streams.

Because I am so very young

I sail them in my dreams.

When I was so much smaller,

Still in my mother's arms,

I used to go on sailing trips 

Past cities, towns and farms.

I always thought it would be fun 

To sail the boat myself,

So now when I am fast asleep

I sail with no one's help[.

I like to see the big white sails

Spread out against the sky.

I wave to all the folks on shore

As I go gliding by. 

I spin the wheel and turn the boat -

It splashes sea-green foam.

What fun I have when sailing out

To places far from home.

I also like to stop and ask 

The kids ashore on slides

If they would like to sail with me --

I take them on short rides.

I never sail too far from shore.

Out there the water's deep

And I don't want to lose my way

While sailing in my sleep.

Last night when I went sailing out

The boat began to shake.

I dreamed a storm was coming up --

Then mom shook me awake.