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* SQUABBIT (skwah' beht) - a small, furry, four-footed, long-eared, bushy-tailed, animal - part SQUirrel, part rABBIT.

There's a squirrel in my yard - I can't grab it,

'Cause it has a peculiar habit.

     Every time I go out

     It is hopping about.

I think this squirrel thinks it's a rabbit.

I said to my dad, "Try to nab it -

This squirrel that behaves like a rabbit."

     But dad went on line

     To see what he could find.

Turns out that this squirrel is a SQUABBIT.

SQUABBITS really don't make such good pets.

Caging them leads to worries and frets.

     They like carrots of course,

     Prefer living outdoors,

Holding one sometimes leads to regrets.

So I stay a good distance away

From the SQUABBITS when I go to play.

     I watch them cavort

     From my big tree house fort

And dream I might catch one - someday.


In memory of Ruka who liked to chase squirrels and rabbits and would have been thrilled to see a SQUABBIT.

Try your hand at creating a fictional animal. It should be a combination of two or more real animals. 

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